Shipping and Return Policy

Payment, Cancellation, and Return Policy

We accept payment by bank wire and credit card on purchases of bullion, semi-numismatic, and certified coins. We do not accept cash, personal check, or money order. Harvestor does not charge any additional fees for credit card use, but may offer cash discounts in the event payment is made via bank wire. Bullion orders may only be paid via bank wire when the order is placed via telephone with a live representative and the price will not be fixed (locked in) until good funds are received and a tape recorded telephone confirmation is conducted. Prices for all orders placed via credit card through the online store are fixed (locked in) at the time of purchase once credit card payment has been completed. You should never go into debt to make an investment.

All bullion and certified coin sales are final. There are no refunds available on bullion and certified coin items. Harvestor extends the right to all first time customers to cancel certified coin and bullion transactions at any time and for any reason up to seven (7) calendar days after the date on which the transaction was confirmed. All second and subsequent certified coin orders are final on completion of a tape recorded confirmation, and refunds will not be issued under any circumstances except where expressly guaranteed by individual state law and in accordance with specific provisions thereof.

Storage Policy

Harvestor Investments does not offer storage for clients. All products must be shipped to client’s personal or business address, or to a third-party depository at which the client has an open account and has the means by which to accept and securely store precious metals.

Delivery of Goods

All products shipped by Harvestor, or fulfillment houses, are fully insured until signed for by the recipient. Orders paid by credit card will not ship for at least five (5) business days after receipt of payment. Orders paid by bank wire may be shipped sooner, depending on current availability and inventory. Shipping times are affected by many factors outside of Harvestor’s control and may change at our discretion without prior notice to customers or potential customers. Harvestor makes no guarantee, expressed or otherwise, concerning shipping times on all orders, except where individual state law dictates otherwise. Lost or damaged shipments may be replaced at Harvestor’s discretion either by replacing the order as originally confirmed, or by refunding the customer’s purchase price. Refusal to accept packages or returning packages to Harvestor, or the fulfillment house, does not entitle customer to a refund. Packages returned to Harvestor will be considered for liquidation, and will be liquidated at the then current bid price, which may be less than the original purchase price. Any discrepancies in deliveries must be reported to Harvestor within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the package, and all original packing materials must be retained and reasonably intact. After the expiration of 24 hours from the day the packages are received, Harvestor assumes all deliveries were received as ordered and will not address any discrepancies.

Buying Policy

Harvestor offers a two-way market for all products listed in our product portfolio, whether or not they were originally purchased from Harvestor. Though you may choose to sell your coins elsewhere, or have them auctioned, we have found that we often offer higher prices for coins than those which are widely offered elsewhere. The current bid price which we offer for coins is determined by market conditions, supply and demand, inventory needs, current promotions, and other considerations, and may be more or less than the original purchase price. Harvestor makes no guarantees expressed or otherwise that profit will be made when selling coins to us. We are legally prohibited from guaranteeing our buyback policy. As such, the policy is subject to change at any time and for any reason.